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How To Achieve Neat, Joined Primary Handwriting

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£10.99 Usually £24.99! Neat, joined handwriting is only a few steps away… ✍️ How often do you look at your child’s handwriting and think, ‘oh boy!’? 😬 Do you feel like it’s not as good as their peers at school? 😬 Do you have no idea where to start to get neat, joined handwriting? 😬 🤝 Leave it to Mr H, a well experienced primary school teacher in the UK 🇬🇧 who has facilitated over 200 children’s handwriting improvements! ⁉️ How does it work? 💥 Step 1) Practise all the individual letters in easy to learn groups. 💥 Step 2) Apply that skill with common letter pairings and triplets. 💥 Step 3) Put it into practice with spellings and sentences... and feel handwriting satisfaction sweep over you! ✅ All taught by an experienced, qualified, upbeat primary class teacher - Mr Halliwell. ✅ Self Paced: Play, pause and practise. ✅ Systematic Approach - build skills steadily and efficiently. ✅ 1-1 coaching can be bolted on upon request ✅ Includes downloadable resources with fonts that match the teaching ✅ Email support with Mr Halliwell as standard. Stuck? Email me: 🧠 🙋🏻‍♂️ Remember: If you are stuck at any point, you have email support as standard: If you need more help than this can offer, then bolt on 1-1 support with me (for an extra cost!) - just check out the Halliwell Tuition Shop!

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