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Lessons We Provide

Promising Personalised and Confidence Boosting Guidance Every Step of the Way


One-to-One Lessons

Our one-to-one lessons are personalised to each student to help bring out the very best of their potential and maximise their progress.

Our team of qualified tutors focus on building self-esteem as a number one priority as I firmly believe this to be the most important element of a child's learning experience.

Take advantage of our professional experience with our One-to-One Lessons. Get in touch today and allow us to help your child excel in their Maths and English skills.


Test Prep for SATs

Are SATs fast approaching? I know how difficult it can be to find a reliable teacher that focuses on prep for SATs. We help motivate and guide students to feel confident in their abilities to complete their tests.

As experienced primary school educators, we can identify individual problem areas and work with them in positive and engaging ways to achieve success and, most importantly, enjoy their learning journey. Myself and our dedicated team of tutors design our lessons according to our students’ needs, with an emphasis on fun, confidence-boosting activities.


Small Group Lessons

I specialise in Group Lessons, and know how to get my students to excel through personalised attention, fun lessons, patience, a lot of practice and hard work.

Group lessons work out cheaper per student and are great for children who love to interact with others to aid their learning.

Doing Homework

Personalised Recorded Lessons

Personalised recorded lessons are a fantastic way to bring the benefits of tailored 1-1 tuition to your home.

Navigate the personalised lessons with your child at a time that suits you whilst they complete the 15-30 minute lesson, or leave them to it whilst they play, pause and practise at their own pace!

Gain access to qualified and experienced class teachers IMMEDIATELY by skipping the waiting list.

Tablet Learning

Primary School Sessions

Day time sessions in Primary Schools are available to book with me upon request in day time hours, Wednesday-Friday.

Are you a school in, or local to, Norton Canes? Are you looking for an experienced primary school teacher to offer tailored & confidence boosting 1-1 or small group tuition?

Please get in touch for more information.

School Supply

When are our lessons available?

Halliwell Tuition's one-to-one, SATs prep and small group sessions are based at our wonderful learning space: Maple House, Norton Green Lane, Norton Canes, Cannock, WS11 9SS.

They are available on...

  • Monday-Friday PM.

  • Saturday AM.

*limited availability. Please get in touch for more information. 

Consultant at work

Educational Consultancy 

With an complete understanding of local school systems from our experienced class teacher and school management perspective, our team, including Special Educational Needs Coordinators, are excited to be able to offer personalised support to families.

We have supported many families in navigating and implementing Education, Health, and Care Plans (EHCPs), ensuring that each child receives the individualised attention and resources needed for academic success.

Whether your child requires additional academic assistance or support with special educational needs, Halliwell Tuition is committed to guiding them through their educational journey with expertise and care.

Contact us today to discover how our consultancy services can empower your child to thrive academically.

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Tuition made fun

Looking to improve your child's confidence in Maths and English?

Wish you could find a primary education tutor who builds self-esteem?

If only there was a tutor near you who makes their lessons FUN and engaging...

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