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Halliwell Tots Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

How We Work?
Please bring a towel and a change of clothes! We take no responsibility for how messy those little ones get 😃

Sessions are booked on a week by week basis.

If you don’t give 48 hours notice, regrettably we are unable to refund your ticket price, but we can swap it to another date.

Payments must be made online only. We are cashless! BACs and payment via the website (credit/debit card) payments accepted.

Halliwell Tots Saturday Playgroup Terms & Conditions
1 - Parents and/or carers of the child/children attending are solely responsible for the care and safety of their child/children at all times whilst at Halliwell Tots!

We take no responsibility for the care of the children and are there solely to facilitate activities

2 - Under no circumstance will HALLIWELL TOTS take responsibility for loss or damages to any attending adults or children’s possessions, clothing or property.

3 - HALLIWELL TOTS cannot guarantee the COVID status of any attendees.

Please also do not attend with any other contagious illness.

Any attendee who has had sickness and or diarrhoea needs to be 48 hours clear from last episode before attending.

Please use hand gel and hand washing facilities provided. Please inform us if your child is ill during the session so we can offer the appropriate clean up solution.

4 - HALLIWELL TOTS reserves the right to ask anyone, child or adult, to leave if their behaviour is likely to threaten the safety or enjoyment of others.

Attending adults are responsible for the safety of their child/children during each session.

This includes the use of all materials and equipment and to ensure that you and your child/children behave in a way to not cause injury or damage to other children, adults or property.

5 - We strongly recommend children and adults wear clothes they do not mind getting messy and we take no responsibility to damage to clothes because of messy play included at the session.

We advise all attendees to also bring spare clothes and a towel for clean ups.

6 - It is the sole responsibility of the parent and or carer to ensure their child/children do not ingest or touch any material/food substance that may cause an allergic reaction to their child/children. (The packaging of food products are available on request if the parents are unsure of the ingredients).

We ask about any allergies upon booking a play session and will actively avoid any item which may cause an allergic reaction to an attending child, but we cannot make any guarantees.

7 - We make every effort to supply items that are either edible, non-toxic/ hypoallergenic.

However we advise that all materials provided including foodstuffs are not to be consumed by the babies/toddlers as some products (despite being edible) may present a chocking hazard.

We do not accept any responsibility whatsoever for any accident, allergic reaction or illness found to be directly attribute from any product or item provided.

It remains the responsibility of the parent/guardian in attendance for supervising the children they are accompanying.

8 - We regret we are unable to provide refunds for non-attendance, if notice is not given within 48 hours.

We can offer credit to attend a future session if at least 48hours notice is given (dependent on availability).

Halliwell Tots T&Cs: Welcome
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